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How Design Live Conference is an annual conference that takes place all around the country. I created this How Design Conference in Drupal 7. For this website, I use modules like the date, registration, profile, views, and Flex-Slider module much more. My starting point for this project was from scratch. Meanwhile, the design process for this project was clean and simple, nothing fancy for a conference site. To illustrate that, I use a black, blue and white color scheme, sans-serif font, and white background. Now, the reason behind doing this project was because I did a search for a Graphic and Web Design Conference.

Furthermore, I had found a How Design Live, remind me of the Adobe Max Conference I went to in 2014. As I was doing my research on the How Design Live, it inspired in going to this How Design Live. What a problem emerged with this project was wanting to build this site in Drupal 8. Thus, I couldn’t because some of the modules weren’t available at the time when Drupal eight first came out. Not let that problem stop me from complete, this conference site, I build this site in Drupal 7. Finally, keeping in mind that many companies haven’t migrated to Drupal 7 from Drupal 6.

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    The hompeage of How Design Live Conference Site in a desktop mockup.
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