Fish N’ Grill Menu

A takeout menu for the seafood restaurant Fish N’ Grill

Fish N’ Grill is a famous takeout restaurant in Fredericksburg Virginia. I created this Fish N’ Grill menu in Adobe InDesign, utilize the tabs panel in InDesign. My starting point for this project was your traditional tri-fold menu, on standard white paper. The design process I use consists of 9 by 12, serif font, script font, and seafood orange & blue colors. Additionally, I want to give this takeout menu an elegance to it. So I changing the size of the takeout menu to 9 x 12, a front and back side.

I want something that wasn’t too tall or wide so the 9 by 12 was a perfect size. Meanwhile, the reason behind this project was every time I went to Fish N’ Grill their takeout menu was overwhelming. In addition that, there was no real focus point and will make you feel like you are missing something. Many problems arose like trying to get all information on the menu, and get tabs panels working right. After working on this menu, I realize I need remove the unnecessary information, and I got the tabs working right.