Gourmet Genius Branding

Gourmet Genius is a new fictitious gourmet culinary art school, located in Arlington, VA that specializes in gourmet cooking lessons. Our lessons teach you everything from elevating simple ingredients to learning how to eat and critique food properly. For this “Gourmet Genius” I created a corporate identity package using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and WordPress. Yes, you read that right WordPress, I have create a website to include in this corporate identity package. This project was built from the ground up, starting with research, analyze, and branding on the need of cooking lessons.

After getting sufficient research and analysis, then I began to brand the logo in Adobe Illustrator. As always, I started designing the business card first, then the envelope in Illustrator, and creating the letterhead in InDesign. The design process used for this corporate identity package paring a script font and serif font in the logo, dark green, light green, white, orange. Using cardstock paper for the letterhead and business card,  and standard plain paper for the envelope.

Meanwhile, the reason for doing this project because I became very passion about food in high school. I was always the one who cooks dinners at night for my family, currently still do. So the more I cook, the more my love for food grew. In the end, I became confident in cooking and then became interested in gourmet food. It is my dream to become a gourmet chef. We focus more on where our food comes from; learn how to eat and healthy eating. We aim to improve knowledge and attitudes toward cooking, improve cooking skills, and increase confidence in cooking abilities. Gourmet Genius goes well beyond by making gourmet food and the experience. To conclude, it fits into a lifestyle, it fills a need,  and it tastes astounding, which all work together to create a full-circle experience.