Recycling Infographics

The statistics of recycling.

Recycling is the process of converting waste material into reusable material. As it may be a modern concept today, but recycling was drive by basic needs, supply, and demand. Initially, it wasn’t easy to make goods cheaper and easier, so the concept of recycling started from that time. I created this Recycling Infographic using Adobe Illustrator and the Flat Icon extension, which has the statistics on recycling. My starting point for this project was scratch, I went on a limb and challenged myself in creating this infographic. It started when I began to recycle in my home, which became the reason for doing this project.

According to my research, I discover that recycling isn’t to discard things in the bin. Recycling start with the 3 RE’S is reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce means to decrease the waste by selecting items which do negligible waste, like carrying handbags, instead of plastic bags. Reuse involves utilizing things in a another way rather disposing of them, like reuse aluminum foil, old magazines, newspaper, jars. Recycle includes the utilization of old things for purposes like buy products is recyclable. Many problems emerged like challenging myself to do this project, the foundation & content didn’t turn out the way I anticipate. Overall, I took a leap and ventured out of my comfort zone by challenge myself to do this infographic.