SDR Farley Photos & Assoc.

Photography is life!

SDR Farley Photos & Assoc. was a client of mines, a photography company based out of an Atlanta, Georgia. They came to me needing of a re-branding of their existing logo. I created this logo for SDR Farley Photos & Assoc. using Adobe Illustrator. Meanwhile, my starting point was a picture from clip art photos offered by Microsoft Word,  pretty much from scratch. Yea because of clipart from Microsoft Word it nothing in a Graphic & Web Designer world. The design process I use for this project consists of a serif font, with royal blue and burgundy. My client didn’t want sans serif font and want to use their favorite color in their new logo. In addition, my problem I had with this project was completion within their two-day deadline. Eventually, I overcame that problem by immediately wasted no time and got start designing.