Sign Language Translator App

A translator for “Sign Language”.

I created this Sign Language Translator App using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap with Adobe Brackets as my code editor. This is a web-based project, but I still used Adobe Photoshop for converting the video into GIF files. In this “Sign Language Translator App, a website that can translate English words into ”sign language“. The translation can happen in one of two ways, either by the word or fingerspelling the word. For example, the translator will translate ”hello“ as the sign word ”hello“ to you. Now type-in your name in the translator, it will fingerspell your name.

My starting point for this project was from scratch, find all of the videos for the words and letters. My design process for this project consists of a sans-serif font, white background, with a subtle color scheme. Nothing too fancy for my audience and the hearing impaired. I began to have many deaf friends, always looking for a piece of paper or interpreter which was the reason behind doing this project. Until one day, I started to take a sign language class putting skills my signing skills to the test. This ”Sign Language Translator App“ was to help hearing people communicate better with a deaf person and learning sign language.

  • Splash Screens

    a splash screen for the Sign Language Translator App
  • Homepage

    The translation page for sign language
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